Dr. Mike Norman

Dr. Mike Norman is a Louisville native and enjoys working with the slower-paced lifestyle and people of Kentuckiana.

He attended the University of Kentucky then went onto graduate from the Sherman College of Chiropractic in Spartanburg, SC in 2002.

“After battling some difficult health issues of my own, I understand the need to have someone address both the symptom and the underlying issues that led to the problem. My philosophy is now that we work together as a team.”

“There are certain things that I personally can do to help.  There are also certain things that I can teach you so you can also help yourself. If I teach you and show you how the body heals then you now have the knowledge to take care of yourself in the future.  There is a process to healing.  We set realistic goals.  We make sure that we’re meeting those goals and, if not, we reevaluate along the way and figure out why.  Sometimes it means that we have to collaborate with other providers. That’s oikay, sometimes it takes a team.  As long as you are healing and going in the right direction, tht’s what we want.  The innate intellience of the human body knows how to heal, and we elp the body heal itself.  We do this naturally.  No drugs.”

“I am also willing to take on complex cases that are not responding to treatment elsewhere.  We take extra time to figure out what has been missed.  If you are looking for answers to your health concern, and you feel like something has been missed, then call us.  I’ll give you some hope and a plan.”

Dr. Mike is known for his willingness to take on even the most difficult cases. His advanced techniques and gentle touch create an effective yet relaxed session.

As a patient at Modern Chiropractic, he will personally tailor a wellness program specifically targeted to your wellness needs using the least invasive yet highly-effective techniques and services.

Let Dr. Mike take on your case and give you back what you have lost…hope.

I have been seeing Dr. Mike for a few years now. I am so grateful I came across such a knowledgeable and skilled chiropractor, my everyday life has become so much more enjoyable now that I can manage my shoulder, back, and rib pain.

Adam McDonald

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