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Fibromyalgia: Car accident example.

Fibromyalgia: Microcurrent Treatment.

We have food everywhere yet we eat like we’re starving all the time.

Chew slower- make sure to taste every bite as long as possible.

Improper digestion of proteins causes disease.

Chew your food like a cow chews grass. Slow down your eating.

Autoimmune disease starts with improper digestion.

Cooked food is dead food. Raw food is living food with a vital healing force.

You can’t use enzymes to properly heal if you don’t know their importance.

Enzymes are the living part of food that can’t be recreated in a lab..

Use enzyme supplements whenever you need to speed healing.

Take digestive enzymes with food to make it easier for your body to digest.

Protein is hard to digest. It takes a long time & uses lots of energy.

You can’t absorb all the nutrients from your food without digestive enzymes.

Take systemic enzymes on an empty stomach, they’ll repair inflammation.

Damage to the gut wall takes years to repair and a lifetime to maintain.

Your brain can be no healthier than your gut.

Everyone needs enzyme support. Even if you’re not sick… yet.